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President’s Message – July 2017

Had a very interesting phone call the other day from a gal originating from New Mexico. She was wondering about our Festival and how to best get tickets. In our discussion I asked her how she managed to hear about “Summertime Blues”? And her response was rather insightful. She mentioned that she had attended last year as a result of some internet cruising and looking for Blues Music Festivals. When she saw our website she got totally excited about the line-up that we had in 2016 which included Tommy Castro & the Pain Killers, Savoy Brown and Rick Estrin & the Nightcats. Her interest was piqued. New Mexico is incredibly hot in August and a road trip to Nanaimo BC and beautiful Vancouver Island became an immediate priority. And tickets were bought, hotels booked and voila! An amazing experience was had. She commented on the incredible venue, the great sight lines, the incredible talent from Canada that were also showcased. Hospitality by the Nanaimo Blues Society, the vendors, and the fans was a highlight.

So time for another road trip. Once again, the line-up for the festival is even better than last year. So she once again has purchased a weekend pass for Summertime Blues. Her plans this year also will include Victoria for a couple of days as she has an interest in Emily Carr. As president I am so proud of our Board of Directors, our Volunteer Coordinators and our countless volunteers who made such an impression on our New Mexico visitor.

Now I ask you to do your part in sharing the “Summertime Blues Experience” with your out of town family and friends. Our festival is an intimate experience not to be missed. We have upped our game this year and look forward to another stellar performance from all those involved and that includes you, the fans who come to listen and dance up a storm.

So congratulations to all for providing a memorable experience to our New Mexico friend. I look forward to introducing her to you at Summertime Blues 2017.

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Until the next time.


Gerold Haukenfrers

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